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Volgnr: 1

Michael Curtiz's "Casablanca"

Anobile, Richard J.

Ref nr:   1152 Picador (The film classics library)   London   1975
Paperback   256 pp
ISBN:   0330242148
Prijs   € 10

Volgnr: 2

Why a duck?

Anobile, Richard J.

Visual and verbal gems from the Marx Brothers movies
Ref nr:   1161 Darien House   New York   1972
  288 pp
ISBN:   0821203738
Prijs   € 10

With an Introduction by Groucho Marx.
Volgnr: 3

Humphrey Bogart

Barbour, Alan G.

Ref nr:   1148 Galahad Books   New York   1973
gebonden, met stofomslag   160 pp
ISBN:   0883651637
Prijs   € 5

Volgnr: 4

Great Movies, The

Bayer, William

Ref nr:   1154 Hamlyn   London   1973
gebonden, linnen, met stofomslag   252 pp
ISBN:   0600339440
Prijs   € 12

Volgnr: 5

Ingrid Bergman

Brown, Curtis F.

Pyramid Illustrated History of the Movies
Ref nr:   1156 Pyramid Publications   New York   1973
Paperback   157 pp
ISBN:   0515031305
Prijs   € 4

Pyramid Illustrated History of the Movies
Volgnr: 6

Seventy years of cinema

Cowie, Peter

Ref nr:   1146 Castle Books   New York   1969
gebonden, met stofomslag   287 pp
ISBN:   0498066355
Prijs   € 10

Volgnr: 7

Sinds Godard

Deelen, Arnoud van

De Franse film vanaf de Nouvelle Vague
Ref nr:   1162 van Gennep   Amsterdam   1969
Paperback   282 pp
Prijs   € 6

Volgnr: 8

Film sense, The

Eisenstein, Serge

Ref nr:   1170 Faber & Faber   London   1968
garenloos gebrocheerd   228 pp
Prijs   € 5

Translated and edited by Jay Leyda.
Volgnr: 9

The movies

Griffith, Richard

Ref nr:   2468 Spring Books   London [etc.]   1971
Hardcover,with dustjacket   494 pp
Condition: dust jacket frayed, cover slightly stained
ISBN:   060036044X
Prijs   € 15

Co-author: Arthur Mayer
Volgnr: 10

Filmgoer's Companion

Halliwell, Leslie

Ref nr:   1149 Paladin     1976
Paperback   948 pp
ISBN:   0586082425
Prijs   € 4

Volgnr: 11

The Citizen Kane book

Kael, Pauline

Ref nr:   1160 Paladin   Frogmore, St Albans, Herts, UK   1974
Unknown Binding   512 pp
ISBN:   0586081445
Prijs   € 12

'Raising Kane' by Pauline Kael (New Yorker, 1971) + the shooting script of Herman J. Mankiewicz and Orson Welles. Illustrated with 81 frames from the film.
Volgnr: 12

Marilyn Monroe

Kobal, John

A life on film
Ref nr:   1153 Hamlyn   London   1974
gebonden, met stofomslag   176 pp
ISBN:   0600361721
Prijs   € 12

Introduction: Davis Robinson.
Volgnr: 13

Marx Brothers Scrapbook, The

Marx, Groucho

Ref nr:   1159 Warner Books   New York   1975
Paperback, beschadigd   381 pp
ISBN:   0446719846
Prijs   € 4

Co-author: Richard J. Anobile
Volgnr: 14

Bogey: The Films of Humphrey Bogart

McCarty, Clifford

Ref nr:   1143 Citadel Press   Secaucus, N.J., USA   1973
garenloos gebrocheerd   190 pp
ISBN:   0806500018
Prijs   € 10

Volgnr: 15

Stanley Kubrick: a film odyssy

Phllips, Gene D.

Ref nr:   1168 Popular Library (Big Apple Film Series)   New York   1975
garenloos gebrocheerd   189 pp
Prijs   € 8

Volgnr: 16

The Films of Ingrid Bergman

Quirk, Lawrence J.

Ref nr:   1145 Carol Publishing Group     1975
Paperback   226 pp
ISBN:   9780806504803
Prijs   € 10

Volgnr: 17

Films in my life, The

Truffaut, Francois

Ref nr:   1144 Simon & Schuster   New York   1978
Paperback   358 pp
ISBN:   0671246631
Prijs   € 8

Translated by Leonard Mayhew.
Volgnr: 18

Ashes and diamonds. Kanal. A generation

Wajda, Andrzej

Ref nr:   1909 Simon and Schuster   New York   1973
Paperback   239 pp
Condition: Cover worn, otherwise good
ISBN:   0671210815
Prijs   € 3

Screenplays of three Andrzej Wajda films
Volgnr: 19

Long View, The

Wright, Basil

An international history of cinema
Ref nr:   1150 Paladin   Frogmore, St Albans, Herts, UK   1976
Paperback   752 pp
ISBN:   058608228X
Prijs   € 8

Volgnr: 20

Marx Brothers at the movies, The

Zimmerman, Paul D.

Ref nr:   1155 Putnam Adult     1975
garenloos gebrocheerd   224 pp
ISBN:   042502928X
Prijs   € 8
All of the films from The Cocoanuts through Love Happy. With more than 200 movie stills and extensive dialogue excerpts.
Co-author: Goldblatt, Burt
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